Terms and Conditions


We do not use automated booking systems.  Upon your inquiry or reservation request, you will always receive a personalized message from our staff.
You can search for the apartments that we have available in our website for your dates by using the search engine and by checking on the properties’ occupancy calendars. The occupancy calendar is informative, dates may vary without prior notice.
To make a reservation, you must contact us via our web page, email or phone call with your specific requirements. We will answer your request not later than 24 hours during weekdays.  It may take a little longer on weekends.
We will email you a rental quote and guide you through the rental process.    
To confirm a reservation, we must first contact the property owner for approval.  Once it is approved by the property, we will send you the booking.   You have 24 hours to make the payment.  If the payment is not received within the deadline, the reservation request will be canceled, and the apartment will be made available to third parties.  

Length of stay
The minimum stay in our properties is 5 nights, and the maximum, 11 months.

Cable TV
Utilities (up to a fixed amount)
Welcome gift and ammenities by L’Occitane
Fine Portuguese bed linen and towels.
24/7 On-call service
Each property has a liability insurance and a content and container protection insurance

Not Included
Booking Fee 120Є
Final cleaning (depending on the size of the apartment)
Other extra services


In order to confirm a booking, a deposit worth 30% of the total reservation amount must be paid via credit card online or bank transfer.  The remaining 70% must be received 15 days before the check-in date.   

A deposit worth 100% of the total reservation amount must be paid in advance when the reservation is made 15 days or less prior to arrival.

The card payment is made through our website www.therightstay.com.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, Amazon Pay and Bizum. 

We will charge a 1,8% fee for payment with non-EU credit cards.

– Rentals for less than three (3) months:   Payment of 30% at the time of the reservation and the remaining 70% must be received 15 days in advance to the date of entry into the property.
– Rentals exceeding three (3) months and less than six (6) months:  Payment of 30% at the time of the reservation and the remaining 70% of up to three monthly payments.  The remaining months will be paid monthly (on the first five days of the month).

– Rentals for six (6) to eleven (11) months:  the rent shall be paid in the same way as set forth above.

Flexible Check
From 9 am to 8 pm. Extra charges apply for check-ins outside these hours.

If you would like to check-in after 8:00 pm or on Sunday, an additional fee of 30 will be charged. 

For Check-ins before 9 am and after 11:00 pm, a 40 fee will apply.


 Flexible Check Out

We offer flexible checkout times for your traveling convenience.  We can allow it only if we do not have a check-in booked for the same apartment on the next day.   

Mandatory performance

The agreed term is mandatory since the conditions of this agreement have been considered when determining the price of the lease. Therefore, and if the customer unilaterally desists and leaves the property prior to the expected agreed term, the latter must pay the outstanding rent amounts until the end of the agreement for any damages caused to The Right Stay and as a penalty for the unilateral and anticipated termination of the agreement.

If the customer extended its stay, it shall pay the entire amount of such extension, in advance upon the execution of such extension agreement by The Right Stay and the customer.  Any payment made without execution of such document shall not result in any right to the extension of the stay by the customer. 


We will retain the following percentage of the reservation amount: 

Between 15 and 30 days:  50% will be charged.
Between 8 and 15 days:  75% will be charged.
7 days or less:  100% will be charged.

See temporary FLEXIBLE CANCELLATION POLICY DUE TO COVID-19, which will end soon.
If the owner cancels a reservation



The customer shall pay a mandatory security deposit in euros to be charged to its credit card in person during check-in.
The security deposit shall be used to cover possible damages or consumption of the property (reasonable wear and tear excepted) including the common areas of the building.

Such security deposit shall be returned to the customer within a period of up to FIFTEEN (15) days days after departure if the apartment does not show any damage.

3% additional for payments with American Express (Visa and Mastercard do not have a surcharge)

The security deposit shall not accrue interest.

Under no circumstances may the customer be allowed to exchange the security deposit for any monthly rent, or any other payment related to the lease.


Security deposit modalities.

Depending on the duration of the contract, there are 3 types of security deposits:

Modality 1: Rentals for less than three (3) months

Modality 2: Rentals exceeding three (3) months and less than six (6) months,

Modality 3:  Rentals for six (6) to eleven (11) months. The security deposit shall be one (1) month.


The Right Stay shall deliver, together with the property, the goods referred to in the INVENTORY of the property in perfect state of use.  Said inventory will be signed by the customer as evidence of acknowledgement.

The customer shall have THREE (3) business days after entering the house to give written notice to THE RIGHT STAY of any damages or imperfections that he believes were prior to the date of occupation.



At the time of delivery, the customer shall receive TWO (2) sets of keys of the property. If the customer loses the keys, he shall pay the amount of ONE HUNDRED (100) euros and bear the cost of changing the locks. In the event of warranty keys or keys that due to their characteristics have a higher cost, the customer shall pay TWO HUNDRED FIFTY (250) euros per key and bear the cost of changing the lock.



For stays longer than ONE MONTH, it is mandatory to hire 2 hours of cleaning with THE RIGHT STAY with a cost of FIFTEEN EUROS PER HOUR (15 €/h).  


Upon request, we can send you a copy of the Temporary Lease Agreement via email.  The original will be signed during the check-in.





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